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Why I Follow a King, Not a President

We’ve all heard it said, “Do not mix politics and religion.” But what do you do if your religious leader gives himself a political title, lists out a set of laws, and calls his followers to serve in his kingdom? Jesus did all this and more. So is following Jesus a political act as well as a religious one? And should any who wish to follow Jesus  understand they are placing their loyalty in a king and not a president? However you feel about the election results, remember that if you follow Jesus your hope and, therefore, your peace depends not on America, democracy, or a president, but on a king and a kingdom. Here’s why:

Jesus Made Political Claims

First, it can be helpful to remember Jesus’ title. We usually just say, “Jesus,” but in reality, He claimed the titles of “Lord” and “King.” These are political terms and thus they reveal that King Jesus had and continues to have a political agenda and not just a religious one. Our hope and sense of peace do not need to be disturbed if one person or another wins an election. Why? Because those that follow Jesus already have a political leader and his name is King Jesus. No one here is suggesting that we institute a religious oligarchy in America. Giving the same person or group of persons both religious and government authority has proven dangerous over the centuries. Instead, I suggest that Jesus has already laid claim to these powers. He is both the Son of God and the King of Kings. And following him means a person has signed onto not just his religious agenda but his political agenda as well.

What is the King's Agenda?

Laws, policies, and government leaders all affect and help regulate the relationships and interactions of individuals within a society. In other words... read the rest of the blog entry here.

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