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Love Sucks Because I'm Selfish

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

It was a cold and eerily silent night, probably around 3 o’clock in the morning. I remember it so vividly that it gives me chills every time I think of it. The sound of my luggage wheels crackling over the cobblestone street in Minneapolis. Tears streamed down my face, my heart was heavy, and anger filled every inch of my body. I had just found out my wife was having an emotional affair and I made the decision to leave our apartment and fly back to Dallas. I was ready to get a divorce.

Broken trust leads to broken relationships, and at that moment I was experiencing it firsthand. But what I would discover later is that it takes two people to break trust. At that moment I could only see my wife’s failure. I was not weighing the importance of my actions that created the space for her to break my trust. It’s in those moments of pain that we find the greatest opportunities to access a beautiful truth that transforms our life: God is love.

While going through a premarital class at our local church, we were told that marriage is two imperfect people trying to make a perfect union and the only way for it to survive is if we viewed marriage through the lens of the one who created it. We now value the truth of that statement, but while taking the premarital class, we thought it was irrelevant to us. We ignorantly thought we knew how to love each other. We were simpleminded and immature.

Love isn’t about me

I got in my car and began to... read the rest of the blog by clicking here.

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