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5 Leadership Lessons My Mom Taught Me

My mom is one of the most influential people in my life. She's taught me many valuable lessons that have marked my existence. I believe the lessons each mom invests in her children will impact their future.

Now that I'm older, I've realize all the things my mother taught me influenced my character and identity.

That is why, on this Mother's Day, I want to share with you 5 of those lessons that I learned from her and perhaps you can identify with some of them.

1- She taught me how to take calculated risks.

When I was a kid and I was learning to use the bike, sometimes I wanted to go fast because I thought I already knew how to use it. But my mother very wisely first taught me to ride a tricycle and then on a bicycle with training wheels on the sides that helped keep me from falling off. After falling a few times I learned to take risks and lose the fear. Eventually I learned how to ride an adult bike.

In that simple lesson, my mom taught me to take calculated risks. I was able to understand that in life I won't always know how to do all things, but I must commit to learning and gradually increase my ability.

2- She taught me how to be the best guide for others.

This serves me well now that I am guiding and leading other leaders. I remember the patience my mom had every time I failed or when I didn't do the right thing. My mom had patience and she was faithful to be with me in those moments and not give up.

3. She taught me how to set the priorities of life.

When I wanted to go out and play before I did my homework, my mother always asked me, "Did you finish your homework?" And in this manner, she taught me how to better differentiate the true priorities in life. Not that playing isn't important... but you get the point.

4- She taught me how to live out my convictions.

I am very grateful for my mother who every morning and every night faithfully encouraged us to seek God, to read the Bible, and to pray. She learned these disciplines from her spiritual walk and then taught me how to apply them to my daily living. The disciplines have led to learn more about my faith which have shaped my life. As leaders, we know that our convictions are vital to how we lead.

5- She taught me how to choose and take care of my friends.

She taught me that friendship is very important and because of it, she was committed to giving me her counsel on who I should let into my inner circle. And then not only choosing, but also caring for my friends. In leadership, we know that those closest to you will be your counselors, so choosing wise friends will strengthen your leadership.

My mother raised me, suffered with me, celebrated my achievements, affirmed my identity and was faithful to walk with me. As a leader, I have these lessons in mind and now I have the opportunity to pass them on to others.

Maybe you are a single mother and you feel tired and frustrated about raising your children. Maybe you're on the brink of giving up on them. But let me tell you, your faithfulness to your children will form their character and sooner or later you will see the results of your efforts. Perhaps without realizing it you are shaping the next leader who will change the world.

Unfortunately, a mother's effort is undervalued in our society because she doesn't work within a company or doesn't have a "formal" job description. But the truth is that the role of mother is one of the most important functions in a society and therefore should be esteemed higher than a CEO in a company.

So in this Mother's Day, I celebrate my mother and all mothers around me by encouraging you to keep moving forward.

Remember: you are shaping our future leaders!

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