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sharing hope to the ends of the earth
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My commitment

In a world filled brokenness, chaos, division, and strife, it is my desire to share the greatest gift that brings hope: God's good news revealed through Jesus and available to us through His Spirit. In it we'll find the wholeness, order, unity, and peace we're all searching for and that's why I desire to share it with the entire world.

I can share my opinion and perspective, but if it's not informed with the truth found in the Bible, I'll be hurting those who read, view, and listen to my point of view.

With the above in mind, I commit to using all available mediums to share the worldview presented in the Bible. This worldview has been tested throughout history and it has produced faith, hope, and love.

I'm aware that you may or may not agree with this worldview, but at the end, I'm not here to change you. I can only inspire you and point you to the One who's transformed my life and can transform your life too.

I pray you're inspired and that we're able to connect with each others' pain through insightful dialogue, constructive criticism, and a constant pursuit of love to God and His ways.

I look forward to learning together.


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